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Charity Boxes

Charity Boxes

Charity Boxes

Charity boxes are the ones which are used by charities and other social welfare organization to collect funds from public. These boxes work as the container to store all the money which is received from the donors.

The charities get these boxes manufactured specifically for the purpose of collecting funds and they can have the name of charity, cause and the aim of the organization.

These boxes can be printed in different shapes where the windowed boxes are the most common ones. These boxes have small opening on top of them to let the currency notes go inside the box while it is impossible to get that note back once it has been dropped unless the box is opened from lock. Our customers can also choose to have their desired style manufactured for the box.

The boxes are usually printed in cardboard material which is solid in color and can be used in different ways due to its versatility. Cardboard made boxes can also have different type of textures on them. But, if are looking for some more reliable and rigid boxes then the plastic boxes are suitable for you. These boxes are also waterproof which means they can be used outdoors.

All the boxes are printed as per the requirements of the customers which means any kind of color and customization be done on them.

All the charity boxes are manufactured at attractive rates without compromising the quality and you can also get them delivered free of cost to any location in the United Kingdom.


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